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Carwrapping / Honda Civic - Michelisz Norbert - WTCC 2013

Some pictures of the new wrappings

"All is not gold that glitters!"

We are having a sad experience that so many car decor, carwrapping companies has born,
without any qualification or professional experience. It's sad, because it brings the companies with creativity,
quality, experience, into a very difficult situation. To find a car-decorateur, is an easy task. Anybody can drop his old craft,
to knee next to a car and stick some foils to it. But what exactly they sticking, and how, what kind of materials they work with,
and how much durable those materials?

In this craft, "The dog is buried here".

CameLeon Cupra Seat

There are so much differences between carwrapping companies, like between long-term, "hypermarket-milk"
and fresh milk, straight from a farm. Both of them called "milk", but let's face it: those are NOT the same!

It's like the car decoration.

There are many-many kinds of films and foils, but premium quality foils, able to wrap cars, are rare.
And here is the difference between a cheap, and an excellent value for money car decoration!
Of course the man in the street can't choose easily between firms/companies, and let's face it,
he doesn't have to know the different materials or the craft itself. Sadly, in our little country, the decisive
factor is the cheap price. In the long run, it doesn't really worth to save a few bucks/few thousand forints,
especially in the car decoration, what could take even 5-10 years!

Bamako Rallye 2010 Bamako Rallye 2011

The man asks himself: why are there so big differences in prices between car decoration and car decoration?

The answer is simple, like in the case of milks.
It really matters, what kind of material will be sticked to the car.

The unexperienced companies, without any references won't buy the premium foils
(made exactly for car wrap), because there are very-very big differences in price:
premium car wrap foils are 15 or even 30 times more expensive than normal films!

And this is not unintentional.

The cheap films aren't made for wrap a car.

The car is a sensitive thing, because the expansion of the metal chassis might be high.
Think about the -40 degrees in winter or +40 in summer. The foil has to be really good in quality to stand this.
This is the quality the man in the street doesn't know.
Therefore he often harms his own car with a cheap price.
Most of the nameless and unknown companies use films made for interiors to wrap a car for a cheap price.
But those films aren't fadeless enough, and their glue might damage the car's original painting.

But what could he do, how could he know which one is the reliable company of all?
We can help to decide, because our purpose is to help this craft not to fall into discredit.