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The car decoration is an old craze, but now we have very good quality materials and lot's of methods,
techniques to make very durable decorations.


-We are wrapping cars according to the newest fashion, with glossy, metallic, matte or nacre colors


-we are decorating company cars to make a great ad to your product

-we are design autos to make them unique

-we are decorating race cars uniquely, with the sponsor logos as well

-and with the latest craze, the carbon-look vinyls, we make really cool looking
exteriors and interiors with good quality and durable vinyls.

 In our days we have a huge choice of colors and materials for decorating metal surfaces or canvas.
There are printable films, and now some of them are able to decal
any surface - flat or round surface- with long lifetime.

 Our company has collected lots of references of car decals and carwrapping since 1994.
Thereby with great experience, offers a quick, very good quality, durable and completely
removable decorations with 1, 3 or 5 years of warranty, using only special car-decal vinyls.